As a group we strive to protect the freedom of innocents around the universe. We will hunt those who

attempt to take away the freedom of any system, no matter if they’re pirates, corrupt governments, or other

player groups.

Our home system is Disci, where the Disci Disco Bar and Grill flagship location is located. They specialize in

making retro drinks with rare beverages. Centauri Mega Martini, Void Extract Latte, Indi Manhattan, Leestian

Margarita, Lavian Sidecar, etc…  New members are asked to bring a few tons of their favorite rare beverage to

Disci as part of joining the group. Dark Echo is helping to expand the Disci Disco Bar and Grill chain to other

systems, such as XZ Leonis Minoris.


1) Drinks

2) protecting the innocent

3) blowing shit up

4) other stuff

Group formed April 22 of 3301:

Story from Rik3r about our founding


I thought it was time to let everyone know exactly how this group came about! It’s actually a semi-short story,

so here goes!

A few weeks back I found myself alone, checking out the Lave Leesti cluster. As much as I’d grown

accustomed to my de facto home system of He Bo, I felt drawn to a larger community. I knew it was

dangerous, but I’d heard it was a great place to meet people, so I packed my bags and made the trip despite

the risk. What I couldn’t know at the time was that I would be meeting the two Commanders with whom we

would form this little family of ours.

After having my ass kicked for the third time in a single night by packs of Code members/pirates, I was sitting

in George Lucas station contemplating my life. I decided I didn’t like the repression and fear people felt

traveling that part of the galaxy, and wondered if maybe there were a few CMDR’s lurking about just crazy

enough to risk everything with me to change things.

I launched and sat outside the mailslot for a long while, asking ship after ship if they wanted to wing up and

take on the pirates that were terrifying the locals. I was rejected or ignored time and time again. It really felt

like the best things would be to just admit defeat and go back to my comfort zone. But as fate would have it, I

stumbled upon two guys just as fed up as I was. CMDR Jane Krios and CMDR Bay-oh-woolph actually stopped

to talk with me. To my surprise, these two winged up, and we set out on our suicide mission.

We died. It sucked. But we resolved to pull back, get organized, and not stop until we could do something to

help average commanders who just wanted to scrape together a living in the verse. Jane (who sounds like Ray

Romano to me from ancient earth “television”), Bay-oh-woolph (our resident weapons expert/possible

reincarnated cowboy) and I put the word out for like minded Commanders to join our cause, and all of YOU

brave souls answered. For that the founders are grateful. This is your group as much as it will ever be the

founders, because we serve each other and we serve a common vision, whether you’re a fighter or a trader. A

time may come when we founders are long forgotten, but I hope the day never comes when an Echo isn’t

traveling the black. It’s time to write your stories…