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Born of a small pack of pirate-hunters protecting traders in the Lave cluster, Dark Echo grew to show what a small group of close-knit pilots can achieve with common goals: To fight against those who wish to bring harm to the innocent and peaceful, and to promote the freedom of trade.

As Dark Echo were among the first batch of player-factions added to the game, we are now approaching our 4th anniversary (April 3305). We are also one of the founding partners of GalCop, the Galactic Cooperative of Worlds, who collectively control over 200 systems, are one of the Hutton Truckers oldest allies, and are one of the founding members of The Citadel a server containing dozens of groups.

From our headquarters within staggering distance of the storied ‘Disci Disco Bar and Grill’ at Snodgrass Orbital in Disci (103 ly from Sol) we have carefully nurtured the growth of our enlightened & freedom-loving ethos to all who have been misled by exploiters & blinded by demagogues.


From our more-militaristic origins we have evolved into a more relaxed, inclusive model which is guided by the collective wisdom of ‘The Dark Council’. As our ‘prime directive’ is PROTECT THE INNOCENT the only hard-and-fast rule we enforce is:-


Beyond that, we encourage our pilots to ‘be the good guys’, to use only ‘clean’ methods & strategies to achieve our goals, even to regard NPCs as ‘people’ in their own right!


According to ‘Inara’, we are currently the 10th-biggest player-faction in terms of systems controlled 50 and 5th in number of assets owned 91 – out of 824 PFs listed. Over seven billion civilians live & love under our benevolent leadership. We have 58 Resource Extraction locations within our borders, 29 of them Hazardous, so good bounty hunting for influence or profit is never far away.

Our sphere of influence is towards the most ‘northern’ boundary of the human bubble, we are on good terms with our immediate neighbours and have plenty of player-uncontested space to expand into. We are close to several Engineering Workshop locations & not far from the fabled base of the Pilots’ Federation, Shinrarta Dezhra.

To get from ‘corner to opposite corner’ of our space takes four jumps with a 20 Ly FSD!

In the short term, we intend to complete the liberation of 2 of the 3 systems where we already have a solid presence. The 3rd will remain a shared system with our closest PF ally. In the medium-term, we’re planning to make a series of expansions towards high-population (billions) systems currently untouched by PFs with a long-term goal of climbing towards the very top of the PF ‘league’.

We also have a healthy PvP squadron, who work hard to provide community events and keep you safe, in addition to a mix of keen Explorers, Miners, Traders & Xeno-Fighters.

Our most experienced Commanders offer a one-to-one Mentorship programme to newer players, tailored to their abilities & desires.

“We are the shadows, we are the watchers, and we are your shields.”