Eagle 71 Squadron

The Eagles have returned.

The idea of Eagle 71 Squad is to provide players from all backgrounds a chance at PvP, while we hunt down the worst of the outlaws in the galaxy. All skill levels welcomed the squadron is strong and getting stronger. We offer training and sparring, help with engineering and ship building.

Our Network of Allies is strong and continually growing, with regular training and sparring between us all, including the BBfA, WoW, CBRKAI, and many others. We are a member of The Armada Of Light as well and are involved regularly with large fleet ops of 16+ ships against enemy fleets of equal and greater sizes.

As a wing we are getting more and more involved with the PvP community as a whole as well recently joining the UCC (United Combat Community) and helping to improve the relations of the PvP community in Elite Dangerous.

Our Ethos is simple we drink, we fly, we blow stuff up and we protect the innocent.

Do you Share a similar ethos? Dark Echo is looking for new members, CMDR’s who share our core values and want to bring players from all corners of the galaxy and globe together to be a part of our wing, to share great times with one another while being able to be involved in shaping the galaxy as it changes and with the Thargoid threat looming no one should be alone. Remember where there is Darkness you will find an Echo.