We are a small bunch of nutters dedicated PvP’rs who like to have fun and pew pew.

We Welcome all pilots, new and old alike. All that matters to us is we all have to enjoy ourselves while we fly.

We usually try to stick to honourable fights, matching pilot for pilot, making the fights as entertaining as possible for all involved.

We don’t care about labelling people as this or that, instead we just go after wanted targets, known PvP’rs who want a fight, or start wars with bullies who try tell us what we can and cannot do in the game.

We lightly RP good guys who defend the innocent so you will never see us noob hunting, and we aren’t huge fans of ganking as previously mentioned.


DE has 0 PvP it is now all done through the Hoppers which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dark Echo though operates separately, any PvE action will happen inside DE.