The Task


What many fail to realise is that the BGS was designed so that one single player can have sufficient impact per day on the influence balance of any particular system to make a meaningful difference.

The biggest error that many PFs make is to use a ‘sledgehammer’ approach to the BGS, which invariably means having to work to undo ‘over enthusiastic’ results, especially in conflicts.

Yes, there are occasions where ‘brute force’ is the best answer – but for most of the time a more precise, more elegant, more … surgical … approach has proven to be the most efficient way to maintain & grow our bubble.

And as the bubble grows, so do the challenges, which usually fall into one of three categories:-

  1. Maintenance of controlled systems (plate-spinning) especially during conflicts & expansions.
  2. Management of asset acquisitions (ensuring they happen when WE want them to!).
  3. Preparation of target systems (by ethical means – no cop-killing or shit-bombing).